About Stripper Luv

Stripper Luv is a website dedicated to showing appreciation to strippers, twerkers and pole dancers who make a living off of their “naked hustle.” Exotic dancers get a lot of redicule from those who aren’t familar with the world of the strip club. So we wanted to show them that they do have fans and supporters.

How we plan to do this is by bringing you the hottest dancers from around the web, live with video and photos for you to view. We also bring exclusive dancer interviews, photo shoots and videos that will allow you to get a more personal look at some of your favorite entertainers. Lastly, through this site, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ect., we look to fully support dancers and twerkers with their industry related projects and events.

All we ask you to do is view the content, show luv to the dancers and twerkers by leaving comments and “hearting up” your favorite content. And remember, this site is about luv. So please, no negativity.